Spotlight North East

Giving the products of North East India a national Stage

The ‘Spotlight North East’ initiative is designed to boost the local economy, create jobs and accelerate financial inclusion and empowerment of women and the tribal community across the North Eastern region of India. The program aims to bring the benefits of ecommerce to 50,000 weavers, artisans, a majority from the tribal communities, and local small businesses including offline neighbourhood stores across the region by 2025 by enabling them access to technology and customers.
Amazon will focus on bringing 5000+ unique crafts, Geographical Indication (GI) products and other local products on its India marketplace, including hidden gems like Chakshesang Shawls from Nagaland, Muga Silk from Assam, different types of weaves like Moirang Phee from Manipur, varieties of teas and spices like the Mizo Chilli, etc.

Amazon will launch a dedicated North East storefront on its marketplace. At launch, Amazon is partnering with government organizations including TRIFED and NEHHDC to engage, skill and digitally enable artisan and weaver communities across the region. Additionally, with its ecommerce exports program, Amazon Global Selling, the company will help boost exports of special agri-commodities from North East like tea, honey, and spices etc. to Amazon customers worldwide.

Programs for small businesses

If you are a small business based in the North East, you can take advantage of the special programs to grow your business with Amazon

Support for women entrepreneurs

Amazon Saheli - Support for women entrepreneurs
Women-run businesses can get dedicated onboarding support, account management and visibility

Enhanced visibility for handicrafts

Amazon Karigar - Enahced visibility for handicrafts
Get dedicated support for online selling and visibility for your handicrafts products on

Startups and regional brands

Amazon Launchpad - Startups and regional brands
Launchpad helps startups and emerging brands get the support and visibility to grow and succeed
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