Meet the empowered Indian businesses of the Amazon family

Bouncing back from Covid19

Bala Krishna's offline business gets revived going online

Pre-Covid19, Bala was only selling to customers through offline channels and word of mouth, but when Covid19 hit, he chose to use Amazon to give his business a fighting chance

Vishal returned to India to start a business to support farmers

When Covid19 hit, his business suffered and also reduced demand for his suppliers, the farmers. He took the online route, and used the Great Indian Festival to launch his growth

How Raju Lakshmana gave his business a second life

This small business found a second life post-pandemic by going digital with Local Shops on Amazon. As he says, "Abhi business mast hai. We will reach the top-level"

Local businesses get an extra boost

When others had to stay inside, Dharmesh bravely went out

Dharmesh owned a local store, and seeing everyone around him hit by the pandemic, he tied up with Amazon to do local deliveries. Here's how he helped his business survive, and people get their essentials

After 38 years of selling offline from his shop in Mulund, Sandeep went online

In a span of 3 months, he has been able to see a difference. Through Local Shops on Amazon, and the shopping demand of the Great Indian Festival, his shop now caters to, not just his gully, but an entire city.

Looking to make an extra income from his cake shop, Samun found respect

In the narrow streets of Vadodra, Samun's cake and toy shop was looking for ways to make an extra income. He began doing deliveries for Amazon.

Small towns and big dreams

Rani becomes Periyakulam's first online seller

From a small room in her home in Theni, Rani began selling online to earn income for her mother. She's now a seller featured on Amazon Storyboxes

Adampur's first online seller gets a surprise

Running a locally successful wool business in Adampur, Satvir decided to try online seling to see what would happen. The first morning he woke up, he had an order

This housewife from Panipat is also a successful busineswoman

Priya wanted to do something with her time, which allowed her to stay home take care of her family and make an income. She tried online selling and realised she had a knack for it.

Women who mean business

Meeta creates a toy brand that is safe for her and everyone else's children

Today, as the founder of Shumee, she champions a cause that’s very close to her heart. Shumee enables children to grow their creative capacities through fun, sustainable toys.

Jaishree's remarkable story of making a living in adversity

Each lane of Indore has a remarkable story. One of these stories is Jayashree’s, who burned the midnight oil sewing clothes to make her ends meet. Today she delivers smiles to Amazon customers

How Seema turned her hobby into a business, and empowered women in her area

Inspired by her mother's drive, Bhopal-based Seema found her hobby of making saree organizers had demand from customers and employment opportunities for the women in her area

Enterprenuers of all ages

'Age is not a factor', says Netai finding success at age 50

From selling rexine on the footpaths of Kolkata to running a small shop, Netai had many jobs. When he turned to selling his gardening products online, he found a new level of success.

Young guns who found startup success during Covid19 times

Here is how a trio of enterpreneurs took their small business to new heights by using e-commerce during the Covid19 lockdown

Never fear, because in Himachal, Sunita will deliver

Sunita Joshi’s logistics company 'Logismith' delivered more than 10,000 packages to our customers in over 30 rural areas in Himachal, within a year.

Global Superstars

From a small idea, to a Global brand, meet Jack in the Box

Initially thinking their small idea would mostly do well locally, Mudita & Ashish found success selling online and took it Global

This Indian organic product company grow 300 times!

"We used to be happy even if we sold one unit. And now, our company has steadily grown to 300 times of our initial size.”, says Parisha Goenka

This Indian manufacturing company has doubled their turnover

“In two years with Amazon, our turnover has doubled and our company has grown from 70 to 120 employees.” says Senthil Kumar

Artisans & Handicrafts

Kadam Haat spreads handmade joy from Kolkata

Utilizing the skills and providing gainful employment to a network of Bengal based artisans, Payal utilized Amazon Karigar to build her handmade brand

How Pochampally weavers were able to beat difficult times

The famous Ikat saarees are usually made through traditional practises passed down generations. Here's how this village in Pochampally beat tough times

TRIBES India has been helping tribal artisans earn a living

Through a tie up with Amazon, TRIBES India sells their products online and enables these artisans to earn more and get national reach.

Regional specialities

Making the farmers of Northeast India famous

Zizira is an organisation based out of the scenic city of Shillong in Meghalaya. Their vision is to help thousands of farmers from the Northeast India region and connect them with their consumers directly.

Reviving traditional making of South Indian cookware

The founders of Zishta took inspiration from their families, who used traditional cookware to make better tasting healthy food. Zishta realised there was an online market for these products, and revived rurla economies

Bringing traditional Assamese clothing to the national market

The Mekhla Chador is a unique garment of the Assamese people. And Ashwin used online selling to make their local tradition a national success, for not just Assamese folk living across India, but people of all backgrounds looking to try it

Partner voices

“In the past few years of profitable and successful selling on Amazon we can safely say that Amazon has played a major role in making us a credit free and profitable company, which was earlier on the edge of getting dissolved due to heavy debt.”
Abhishek Gaba
Vimal Clothing, Amazon Seller
“When I started this work, I did not have to make any investment. There was no fee. So I thought it would be a part-time work and would provide some additional income. But soon, it turned into my primary source of income. Now I am able to fulfil every need of my family. ”
I Have Space Program
“We operate out of Alibaug and that has its own set of supply chain challenges. While we are nearly four hours from the nearest city, with Amazon Business it is just a click away. We buy everything—from large equipment to cleaning supplies to coco peat, planting trays—from Amazon Business. The key reason why Impossible Foods is using Amazon Business is that they are efficient. It makes our lives easier and our growth path quicker.”
Vivan Futehally
Amazon Business Customer
“I started my travel agency Vardhman Tour and Travels in Saharanpur 12 years ago, but when everything began moving online our revenues started dipping. I decided to partner with Amazon Easy in August 2020 to sell grocery and electronics. It helped me secure an immediate customer base. Our collaboration with Amazon has helped me grow more than 2X in three months and I have added two more employees to keep up with the demand. During the Amazon Great Indian Festival recently, we did sales worth ₹10 lakh. The increased footfalls have also resulted in more people reaching out for travel related queries.””
Shubham Jain
Amazon Easy Store Owner
“I always wanted to start a business of my own, but it was not until 2017 that I launched my shop in Nangloi. Customers would drop in to my store for all kinds of gadgets and electronics, including large appliances. To expand our reach and cater to customers beyond my locality, I joined the ‘Local Shops on Amazon’ programme recently. Since joining Local Shops, we have seen our online business grow month on month. More importantly, it offers us greater control over the inventory and delivery of the products. We started the year with three employees and today we have ten Delhi team members.”
Sakshi Khandelwal
Shiv Electronics, Local Shops on Amazon
“We specialise in ceramics and work with terracotta, stoneware and porcelain. Our association with Amazon Karigar has been a wonderful experience. It is a great platform to promote handcrafted creations, and we have more than 100 products listed on the website. We look forward to continued support from the team and wish them the very best”
Vanmala Jain
Kuprkabi Ceramic Design Studio, Amazon Karigar
“Earlier I had no idea I could anything other than sit at my store & take care of it, because I am differently-abled. Amazon gave me the confidence to go out and achieve something”
Baba General Store, I Have Space program
“I used to work in a software company, but always wanted to become an entrepreneur. My dream came true when I became a Delivery Service Partner with Amazon in 2016. I now run a women-only delivery station in Chennai. I started with three delivery associates; now the number has grown to 15. I wanted to prove that I am capable of this unique challenge. I believe that the will to do something different, a passion to fulfil your desire and a little effort is all that’s required to achieve your goals”
Jamuna Rani
Delivery Service Partner
“We are in the business of selling men's cotton shirts. I joined Amazon Launchpad over two years ago. In these two years, we registered a marked increase in our sales and achieved our first ₹ 1 crore sale during the recent festive season. Selling on has allowed me to expand my business and add 20 new members to my team. The success of Levizo, due to the increased brand visibility through the Amazon Launchpad storefront, has led to a rise in the awareness and purchase of men's shirts.”
Lavish Bansal
Levizo, Amazon Launchpad
“My journey from almost shutting my business to becoming a brand on Amazon has taught me how to deal in the online selling environment. The success achieved by Hathmic would have never been possible if I was not on the Amazon marketplace and still selling through my local shop”
Saravanan Kumaramangalam
Hathmic, Local Shops on Amazon
“The account managers helped me immensely. They told me about listing enhancements and taught me how to grow my business. My journey with Amazon has been wonderful and thrilling. Amazon has changed my life. Jitu turned from zero to hero.”
Dragon Deals, Amazon Seller
“With Amazon, opportunities abound to try and learn new things. The success of these initiatives is especially motivating for our team. We recently initiated Amazon Pay cash load at the doorstep of Nagercoil residents and it has caught the attention of our small town. Customers love the convenience it brings to their life. It was our collaboration with Amazon that gave us enough financial backing to access the best medical attention for an ailing close relative. For that, we will forever be thankful.”
Delivery Service Partner
“My success alone cannot be attributed to our unique products. While a marketplace like Amazon recognizes unique product selections, it also supports them in how they are showcased to the rest of the world.”
Pinky Maheshwari
Suprise Someone, Amazon Saheli
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