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Enable $20 Billion in cumulative exports by 2025

Amazon today offers MSMEs unprecedented reach to customers in 200+ countries and territories through its Global Selling Program. Through this program, Indian MSMEs can register themselves as sellers on Amazon’s 18 international marketplaces like Amazon.com (USA), Amazon.co.uk (UK), Amazon.de (Germany), Amazon.ae (UAE), etc. and sell their products to customers globally. Amazon has doubled its original Exports pledge, to now enable $20 Billion in cumulative exports from India by 2025 and has launched several initiatives to make exports easier for MSMEs across India.

The journey so far

$5 billion

On track to enable $5 billion in cumulative exports from India

1 lakh+

Indian exporters who are selling their products globally


Indian exporters can showcase their products to customers in 200+ Countries & Territories
It is quick & easy to get registered with Amazon Global Selling. MSMEs can choose to register for any one, few or all international marketplaces. MSMEs can market their products with Amazon Advertising solutions for each marketplace. Payment for sales generated will be credited in INR and directly into their local bank accounts. To smoothen the selling experience for MSMEs, Amazon also offers assistance in logistics.
Amazon  Pledge - Enable $10 Billion in cumulative exports by 2025 - Market Access
MSMEs can focus more on product development, growing and scaling their business when they leverage Global Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services. With FBA, MSMEs have to just send their goods to one of Amazon's international warehouses (also called as fulfillment centers), Amazon will take care of shipping, delivery, returns & customer care on behalf of them.
Amazon  Pledge - Enable $10 Billion in cumulative exports by 2025 - Supple Chain
As part of the Global Selling Program, Amazon provides a comprehensive suite of third party services to MSMEs such as taxation, compliance, IP protection and digital marketing support. MSMEs can also avail Amazon seller support services which is available 24/7. With Amazon's Seller University, MSME's can gain knowledge on all services, tools & policies that are required to sell internationally through self paced learning videos.
Amazon  Pledge - Enable $10 Billion in cumulative exports by 2025 - Support Services

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