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Digitize 1 Crore MSMEs in India by 2025

Amazon has digitized over 40 lakh MSMEs including sellers, artisans and weavers, start-ups, brands, neighbourhood stores, content creators, delivery & logistics services, and software developers.

The journey so far

11 lakh+

sellers on

1.5 lakh+

neighbourhood stores and local shops

10 lakh+

weavers & artisans
Through multiple initiatives Amazon aims to simplify the process of enabling businesses to go digital - whether it's businesses looking to sell their products online to customers & businesses, make bulk purchases, avail cloud computing solutions, provide services like storage, delivery and assisted shopping services, and much more. Initiatives take multiple approaches maximize awareness and ease of onboarding, both virtually and in-person.
Amazon  Pledge - Digitize 1 Crore MSMEs in India by 2025 - Create Awareness took a holistic view to digitally enable small businesses for online commerce, enable them to be agile and cost-effective through technology, partner in logistics and delivery network among other areas. Onboarding local shops and merchants with Amazon Pay brings them into the digital payment ecosystem, while Amazon Business removes physical barriers that currently exist in the B2B ecosystem. Through Amazon Web Services, Amazon helps hundreds of thousands of SMBs, startups, and partners launch and are scaling their businesses. Amazon enables the MSMEs to go digital & grow their business in a short time without having to invest in huge capital.
Amazon  Pledge - Digitize 1 Crore MSMEs in India by 2025 - MSME Enablement introduced several programs like Karigar to empower artisans and weavers, women entrepreneurs through Saheli, start-ups and brands through Launchpad, local shops, kiranas and other neighbourhood stores through programs like Local Shops on Amazon, Amazon Easy and I Have Space.
Amazon  Pledge - Digitize 1 Crore MSMEs in India by 2025 - Specialized Segments

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