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Create 20 lakh jobs by 2025

Amazon India has created over 13 lakh direct and indirect jobs in the country. In the last year alone, Amazon has helped create 1.4 lakh jobs across industries like IT, e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing, content creation, and skill development, besides other indirect jobs in the seller community.

Its efforts in digitizating MSMEs and boosting e-commerce exports from India are helping support hundreds of thousands of of livelihood opportunities.

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The journey so far

13 lakh+

Jobs created since inception

1.4 lakh+

Direct and indirect jobs added in the last one year

$250 million

Amazon Smbhav Venture Fund to unlock possibilities of a digital India
Our bullishness in India comes from significant contributions of our employees who share our mission, the creativity from the entrepreneurs we’ve partnered with, and the enthusiasm from the customers who shop with us. The growth of exports and digital enablement of MSMEs is helping accelerate economic recovery for thousands of businesses to positively impact job creation as well as the overall economy. In a challenging year where saving livelihoods and creating new jobs was a top priority, Amazon helped create direct and indirect jobs across industries including information technology, skill development, content creation, retail, logistics, and manufacturing. This includes job roles in our corporate offices in diverse areas including Machine Learning and Software Development, direct and indirect jobs across our fulfilment centres, logistic centres, sales offices, data centres, and other indirect jobs we create through our ecosystem including sellers’ community.
Amazon  Pledge - Create 20 lakh jobs by 2025 - Jobs
With a mission to inspire young people to build their best future through access to quality computer science education, we launched the Amazon Future Engineer in India in 2021 with an ambitious goal of reaching 1 lakh students over the next five years. Amazon Future Engineer is focused on underserved and underprivileged children and young people with interventions around teacher development, access to high quality curriculum and scholarships and internships. Over the last few years, Amazon through its community programs has supported multiple STEM programs aimed at improving STEM skills for government school children. In partnership with the Atal Innovation Mission we have supported the infrastructure of multiple Atal Tinkering Labs. As part of community centers we support, we have reached over 120,000 children within and outside school. We have also worked on creating women entrepreneurs through supporting the work of Self-help groups in remote locations.
Amazon  Pledge - Create 20 lakh jobs by 2025 - Skilling and Education

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