Low Investment Digital Opportunities to Explore

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If you wish to start a business, there is a wide range of business ideas to consider. However, it is quite hard to predict the ones that will bring you success and the ones that will not work out. After all, any business involves more than just choosing the right idea. Starting from acquiring funds to establishing a physical store, there is a lot that goes into the making of a successful business. And, it’s not easy to get a business up and running at the first go.
Low Investment Digital Opportunities to Explore
Thankfully, with the internet – pursuing start-up low-budget business ideas have become relatively easier. Today, with more than 330 million people buying online, the internet serves as an ideal launch pad for small businesses, provided one chooses the right channels to capitalize on. Now, if you are wondering about low investment digital opportunities that are worth a try, here are a few you can consider:

1. Web Designing

The e-commerce market value in India is estimated to reach 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. With the growing popularity of e-stores, web-designers are proving to be valuable assets for companies. Good customer experience and ease of use are two of the most important factors that determine the success of online stores. Thus, many companies are hiring web designers to make their online presence more significant through websites. A few months of inexpensive or free online learning programs can easily provide you with the requisite training for this domain.

2. Drop-Ship Partnership

Managing an inventory can be a difficult task for sellers especially for those who have just started their e-commerce business or planning the move. If you wish to start your business but do not want to handle products on your own, you can collaborate with third-party suppliers. These suppliers or dropshippers can help you in storing, packing, and shipping stocks on time. With dropship partnership, you can launch your business with a low initial investment. In this model, you just need to send the order to the dropshipper once a customer buys a product from you. Click here to know more about dropshipping!

3. On-Demand Printed Products

This low-investment business idea is similar to the dropshipping business model. The only difference? This would involve customization of products using your original designs or customers’ suggestions. You can print designs or slogans on t-shirts, hats, phone cases, skirts, bags, hoodies, greeting cards, posters, and more, or you can hire a freelancer designer to do the same. Though this business-idea would require you to pay more as you would pay per-product and not in bulk, this would ensure that in case any particular product does not sell, you would not end up in loss. You can also make good use of product mockup templates to reduce your spending on product photo-shoots for every new design.

4. Sell Unique Products Online

India’s total retail e-commerce is estimated to cross USD 200 billion mark by 2026, which means that the potential income you can make from selling unique products online is very high. Apparels would comprise the most sizable segment in this growth, as almost 35% of the combined revenue generated from online sales comes from apparels. Clearly, selling clothes online can be quite profitable. You can make good use of your love for fashion and start a home-based business by curating items from vendors to design clothes and selling the same on online marketplaces. You can even model for the products of your own boutique and post the same on social media platforms to start your label. If you are creative and can develop your own art, handicrafts and decor items, you should also consider selling your handmade items on reliable marketplaces such as Amazon. Traditionally, selling your handmade items would require spending a lot of money on setting up stalls at fairs and craft markets. Now marketplaces like Amazon have made it quite easy for artists and artisans to sell their handmade items at competitive prices. Similarly, selling homemade or handmade jewelry can be another such online business without investment that can be home-based as well as bring in good profit. Since jewelry is a consumer product that appeals to buyers of all ages and is quite diverse, becoming an online jewelry seller can be extremely profitable. You can offer rings, necklaces, bracelets and more such items to earn good returns.

Click here for a stepwise guide to selling clothes online. If you are looking to sell handmade items, click here to know more. Finally, if it is handmade jewelry that you are specifically invested in, click here to know more about how to get started.

5. On-Demand Bakery

Ordering food online is gaining popularity in India, as it is convenient, and saves time and money. In fact, 48 percent of Indians prefer ordering their favorite food online. So, if you have a passion for baking, you can easily turn the same into a part-time business. On-demand bakery is one of the best business ideas to make money and can even bring huge revenue without a physical storefront. You can easily create your own website and start selling online by posting pictures of your work and taking orders.

6. Product Cataloguing and Photography Services

Product cataloguing and photography services involve listing essential product details and catchy visuals to drive more customer traffic. Details like product features, dimensions, price and more play an important role when sellers decide to sell their products online, as their customers do not get to see the product in hand. You can become a member of any online seller forums and provide product cataloguing and shooting services.

7. Provide Your Commercial Space Within Your Store as Drop-Offs For E-Comm Delivery (Amazon's I Have Space Program)

As a new business idea, you should definitely try programs like “I have Space” from Amazon that can allow you to collaborate with them for delivery and pickup services in nearby locations. In order to become a partner in this program, you just need to fill up an online form and submit the required documents. Thus, with zero investment from your end, you can successfully start your own business and try to earn a good profit.

A flourishing business does not necessarily need huge investment, but the right skill-set and effective planning. With well-researched business ideas and planned investments, even a small capital can bring in greater returns.
Amazon's I Have Space Program
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